About Us

Redaction Technology Pioneer

The redaction of sensitive information in large collections of electronic documents is one of the toughest challenges in eDiscovery. Litexn is focused on developing cutting-edge technologies to automate mass redactions in native and rendered documents. Litexn’s flagship software, Exolution, is trusted by law firms, auditors, education institutes, and government agencies across the globe. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to such a complex problem as redactions. We recognize this and provide services around redaction work to meet project-specific redaction and related services. As a pioneer of redaction technology, Litexn is home to experts with unmatched skills and experiences in the subject matter. That makes Litexn stands out in the redaction domain!

Our Vision

Over 15 years ago, native review became the norm in eDiscovery, but not native redaction. Conversion to image for redaction has continued but it is slow, costly, cumbersome, and error-prone. Litexn is found to complete the industry transition from image to native review-redaction-production cycle by creating a missing piece, native redaction. We created Exolution in 2015 to achieve that goal, and we are leading the change ever since.
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